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30 Artistic Flash Sites

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    15 Unique Flash Gallery Techniques

    1. James Day

    With minimalism approach, James Day puts the focus on his beautiful photos. When mousing over the text menu, a preview of the project will slide up.


    When you click on the large image, it allows you to zoom in and out.


    The navigation at the bottom gives you quick access to the menus, turn thumbnails on/off, navigate the projects, and enter fullscreen mode.


    2. Anders Bergh

    Bergh loads all images on the homepage.


    Click on any thumbnail to see an awesome fly-out effect.

    fly-out transition

    When viewing a large image, it gives you options to go next/previous, zoom in/out, toggle slideshow, or back to thumbnail mode.

    view options

    3. Jeremy Cowart

    No fancy navigation menus or marketing text when you land on the homepage of Cowart’s site. You’ll know what to click once you enter the site.


    Love the loading animation!

    loading animation

    Click either the left or right side of the viewing area to navigate through the photos. Notice how beautifully the grayscaled image, currently being viewed, transition into a color image?


    The title bar at the bottom displays the photo count and title. You can click on the thumbnail button to view photos in thumbnail mode. Click on the fullscreen button to toggle fullscreen mode.

    title bar

    Extra effort is put into providing a keyboard control. You can use the specified keys to navigate around the site.

    keyboard control

    4. Ciriljazbec Photography

    My first impression of this site was: “Wow! Impressive photos!”. Ciriljazbec definitely knows how to sell his skills by featuring a series of full size (and high resolution) images on the homepage.


    When you are viewing the photos, it puts the main focus on the image and hide everything else. Moving the mouse around allows you to scroll the image.


    On the right side of the navigation bar, you have the options to toggle: Slideshow on/off, Fit in/out, and Move Photo on/off.


    5. Nil

    Another nice loading animation.


    The photo thumbnails are scattered out randomly. Click on the thumbnails to view the larger photo. The photos you’ve viewed are tinted with pink color.

    scattered photos

    When you click on the “align photos” button, it will align the scatter photos in a line. You can click on the thumbnails or drag the black circle to navigate through the photos.

    align photos

    6. Jesus Vilamajo

    The homepage of Vilamajo might look very plain, but click in the photography portfolio, you will discover its beauty.


    The navigation bar at the bottom tells you how many photos are being loaded. As soon the photo is loaded, the tiny rectangle bar will become clickable.

    thumbs loading

    The blue color indicates the photos you’ve viewed and yellow indicates the current viewing photo.

    navigation bar

    Click on the zoom button on the bottom left of the image to load a larger image.


    7. Ad Vlemmix

    Yet another boring homepage.


    When you click on the portfolio link, it will automatically enter fullscreen mode. The photos are in grayscale and overlapping each other (it gives you a feeling that the photos are scattered on a table). Click on the photo to bring to front and turn to color mode.

    scattered photos

    8. Project 7-7

    The homepage features a series of video clips in the background.

    video intros

    Once a thumbnail is clicked, a scaled up image of that thumbnail pops up. As soon as the high-res image is loaded, it will replace the scaled up image.


    You can drag vectically or horizontally to navigate through the photos in the grid.

    drag navigation

    The top navigation allows you to quickly jump to different levels.

    zoom levels

    9. PMA | mis-arch

    Be patient, go to the “Projects” section, watch as the thumbnails flow toward you and fade out repetitively in a cycle.

    floating toward

    When you are viewing the large image, mouse over the title bar to see the project details. Mouse over the image title to see the thumbnails.

    thumbnail bar

    10. Dvein

    Click on the circular thumbnails or text menu to open the project details.

    circular thumbnails

    The overall transition effect on this site is beautifully directed.

    large image

    11. Thomas Spiessens Photography

    See how a simple slideshow with pixelate transition can work out so nicely.

    pixelate transition

    The sliding dock provides quick access to the high-res photos.

    thumbnail dock

    Don’t miss out on the tiny slideshow timer under the “Portfolio” button.

    slideshow timer

    12. Javier Ferrer Vidal

    The photo thumbnails look like they are flowing in the air.


    Mousing over the thumbnail will blur it. When the larger photo is loading, the thumbnail of that photo will progressively turn into a negative image.


    13. Jam3media

    Jam3media creatively uses the thumbnails to form words.



    14. Brook Pifer


    full image

    15. Hello Design

    Mouse over a thumbnail to display a series of project images like a carousel.


    Click on the thumbnail to activate a slideshow.


    50 Superb 3D Flash Websites You Must See!!!

    It’s not a secret that Flash websites can be considered as a different kind of art in website community because of their limitless animations and stunning designs. Flash websites can also be divided in two groups: 2D and 3D Flash websites.

    This showcase will consist from 50 3D Flash websites, which really stood out from crowd, have received unique attention and got awards! Don’t think this is just another list – you’ll find here endless inspiration in these websites, where each one of them is a huge masterpiece!

    1. Element

    Hard to describe how cool this website is! Very stylish intro and superb 3D animationscombined with great looking website.


    2. Ge

    Cool website with beautiful 3D objects and animations. Every page has its own good looking 3D objects.


    3. Gears Of War – Emergence Day

    Brilliant peace of art! Massive 3D scene with animations. Beautifully made 3D fade-in, fade-out transitions for every page.


    4. Audi A6

    Simple but very good looking website with 3D menu and 3D transitions.


    5. Summer Festival

    Good looking website with fantastic 3D balloons and stunning animations. And also it has a great feature – if you just wait for some time and do nothing, then after some period of time a jet-man will run out of fuel and will fall from the sky with interesting animation. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


    6. Coca Cola

    What’s that? Hey, it’s Coca Cola! Very creative website which consists of many different sub-websites where every website is different from each other with its own style, design and animation.


    7. Optus Whale Song

    Beautifully made website. Great underwater 3D scene. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


    8. Martini Asti

    Very classy website with 3D graphics and animations. Also it has cool 3D transitions.


    9. White Void

    Very beautifully made 3D menu. This 3D portfolio is very good representation of the style called “minimalism”.


    10. The Eco Zoo

    Well made 3D website. This website consists not only of some 3D elements but whole website is like a 3D world and almost every animation is in 3D. Good work.


    11. Premiyum

    Beautiful 3D website with great 3D effects. Fantastic. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


    12. Get the Glass

    Interesting Flash website with brilliant Flash intro which has tons of 3D elements.


    13. Sensi Soft

    Beautiful work with beautiful 3D scene and animations. Consists of many different 3D scenes where each scene is like a different period of time.


    14. Plantate

    Beautiful and cartoon style website. A 3D planet in the middle of website which you can rotate using your mouse.


    15. Soft Whiteroom

    Beautiful website. Everything is in 3D and very nicely responds to mouse movements.


    16. Ha-py Island

    Very cheerful website. Whole website is in 3D where you can walk around with bear. It feels like you are playing some 3D game. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


    17. Hatica

    Beautiful and simple website with 3D object in the middle of website.


    18. The Egg Republic

    Beautifully made website. It has great 3D animations and transitions from one page to another. It’s also great that every page responds to movements of your mouse. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


    19. Foxtel I am uniQue

    Social networking website where you can create your own unique 3D portrait. Fantastic idea with great work of 3D.


    20. Cortex Design

    Good looking 3D photo gallery with beautiful reflections. Just clean and simple.


    21. The Morph

    This website is brilliant! Turn on your webcam and see how all 3D objects follow your motions. Or if you don’t have a webcam then this website also responds to movements of your mouse.


    22. Twist and Drink

    Cartoon style 3D website with mini games and that kind of stuff for children. Very well made, amazing!


    23. Chuyue

    Great piece of work! Beautifully made 3D menu and animations. You can even choose 4 types of 3D menu layout.


    24. Mr A

    Very cool website with awesome 3D work. Great 3D reflections and effects and there is also a mini game in the background of this website.


    25. Dasai

    A simple website with 3D navigation menu as a planet. Good use of Papervision3D.


    26. Orange

    Great piece of work. Everything is in 3D. You walk from one page (room) to another. Well made 3D animations.


    27. TBC

    Very simple website with pretty cool 3D menu as a library. And also it has a cool animation when you choose something in this 3D menu.


    28. New Work City

    Pretty interesting corporate website with some 3D animations. It also has a stunning design. Great work. newworkcity-day-3d-flash-inspiration-webdesign

    29. Off The Street Club

    Interesting website with many 3D objects which can be rotated. offthestreetclub-3d-flash-inspiration-webdesign

    30. Eight Interactive Studio

    Just clean and simple website with 3D animations, beautiful!


    31. Ecsw

    Great 3D website with cool Flash intro, and one of the coolest 3D features this website has, is that you can walk around the building by yourself.


    32. Zeebee visual communications

    A small website with 3D effects which looks brilliant. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


    33. Thinking Space

    Flash website which has a menu with very interesting 3D effect. Good looking 3D transitions.


    34. Domenico Tedone design

    Clean and simple 3D website. Very well made. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


    35. Silenzio

    This is like a 3D movie library with beautiful 3D transitions. Every animation is very smooth. Good work.


    36. Philter Design

    Simple and clean 3D website.


    37. Rule the Stars

    Interesting way of how to draw something – draw it in the sky with stars! Great 3D work. Can also be like a nice little present for your girlfriend/boyfriend (your drawing of course) – she/he will like it, I promise. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


    38. LBi Atlanta

    Good looking website with very cool 3D navigation menu. Just hit “Browse” on the right side of the website to see 3D navigation menu.


    39. 3spin

    Very good looking website with awesome 3D navigation menu where you fly from one page to another.


    40. Comcast Town

    Very big and cheerful flash website with many interesting 3D elements.


    41. Fendi

    Website with 3D photo gallery. Looks very good.


    42. Roca Meridian

    Cleand and simple website in 3D cube.


    43. Air Canada Leaveless

    Beautiful corporate style website with some 3D elements. Very smooth 3D animations, for example, smooth animation when the card flips over.


    44. Grillhelden

    Website with 3D background which responds to mouse movements. Good looking website with greeat use of Papervision3D.


    45. 13flo

    Good looking website with 3D menu. You can choose 4 different layouts of this menu.


    46. Inavi 3D

    Great piece of work. Almost whole scene is in 3D with awesome 3D transitions.


    47. Njoore

    Completely 3D website with very cool and entertaining loading as a mini game. I really enjoyed this little cheerful mini game. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


    48. Cristof Echard

    Portfolio website with beautiful 3D transition effects.


    49. X-Prime

    Very cool Flash website with 3D elements. It has an interesting 3D menu.


    50. 3 Words Game

    Very cool 3D navigation menu. You can choose even a layout of this menu.