DepositPhotos – A New Innovative Royalty Free Stock Photography With Extensive Features

Getting relevant images for your content is not only difficult but expensive too. There are lots of portals where you can buy images but not every one of these portals is good enough to cater the needs of content writers. One of the key features that most of the portal doesn’t have is the ease of payment and pricing plan. When a person wants to get certain photo, he/she might not be looking only for the relevant images but also a portal that is easy to interact with. But there is one such portal which is exactly what a content creator would need. DepositPhotos is a great new and innovative royalty free stock photography website. It has over 900,000 photos with over 100,000 new photos added every week. With such vastness, it stands itself as a one stop solution to all your problems.

There are three crucial points in DepositPhotos which makes it the best among others. First one is its Free Trial Offer which allows buyers to test the services by subscribing free for 14 days. In this time period, you can download 10 images per day. This is the greatest offer that any portal can provide. This allows you to gain trust with the portal and be familiar with the services. It gives you the first hand experience with the portal.

The second important feature is its pricing plan and referral programs. Unlike others, it has a concept of credits where it can be used to buy images. Each credit is worth $1, and cost of standard image of 1600X1200 2MP is 3 Credits, which means $3. In comparison to other portals, it is the best price out there. Further, you get one extra credit for each purchase which can be used to buy images in future with Standard or Extended License Agreements.

It also has a great Subscription plans which allows access to the lowest prices and download up to 40 Images per day. When you choose one of our subscription plans, you can download as many images as you want (up to the limits of your plan) every single day. One of the lowest plan includes $19, 10 images per day and valid for 3 days.

Thirdly, beside its pricing plan, it has a great option to choose your payment channel. If you don’t like using credit cards online than you can simply send a text message from your phone and the image credits will be added automatically. The credits can go up to 15. Then you can download your images one at a time or all at once.

It provides facility to find thousands of images to choose from with such great pricing plans and easy payment gateway. There is no doubt that Depositphotos despite being a newbie in the market is a best service available. The extensive plans and schemes clearly mark their seriousness in the business which most of them lack.

So if you are looking for the quality royalty free stock photos, give Depositphotos Free Trail a go. Visit Now.


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