What Type Of Web Hosting Account You Should Go For


When you choose hosting for your site, one of the decisions you need to make is what kind of web hosting account you should go for. There are several options and you need to know a bit about them before you make the decision.

Analyze Your Web Hosting Needs

Analyze Your Web Hosting Needs

The most important thing to think about when choosing the type of web hosting plan to subscribe to is thinking about what your hosting needs are. Every website needs a web hosting plan but a small site doesn’t require the same plan as an enormous site with millions of visitors. Therefore, if you plan to launch a small site, you need an affordable hosting plan, for instance a cheap shared hosting plan. On the contrary, if you plan a huge growth for your site, then you might want to consider dedicated hosting or VPS (if your site won’t be that huge).

Shared Hosting Is Affordable Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is still the most popular type of web hosting plan. Shared hosting, as its name implies, means that many users and their sites share the same server. Shared hosting might be cheap but for a small site with not so many visitors, it is the ideal option.

Although fees vary, generally shared hosting costs just a few dollars a month and most shared hosting packages include generous amounts of server space and bandwidth. It is also possible that the price for a shared hosting package includes a free domain as well but even if it doesn’t, shared hosting is still a bargain.

One of the worries many people have is that since shared hosting is affordable hosting, this is at expense of quality. This is certainly not so and as a matter of fact shared hosting is a very secure option.

Dedicated Hosting Is For Huge Sites

Dedicated Hosting

Another popular type of web hosting plan is dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting you get a whole server and you are in charge of it yourself. You don’t share space and bandwidth with other users and all the resources of the dedicated server are used solely to serve your site.

Dedicated hosting might sound very much like in-house hosting but this is not so because your dedicated server is physically located at the premises of your hosting provider and they take care of its physical well-being, so you won’t have to worry about your dedicated server being stolen or damaged in any other way.

VPS Hosting Is the More Affordable Relative of Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting

Shared hosting is for small sites and dedicated hosting could be too expensive to consider. Fortunately, the choice of web hosting plans is not limited to simply shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting combines the benefits of a dedicated server with the affordability of shared hosting.

When you choose a VPS hosting plan, you still share the same physical server with other users and their sites but in fact you have your own logical server, which you can operate as you like. Each logical server is independent from the other logical servers on the same machine, which means that a logical server can be rebooted as necessary and that it can have an operating system on its own.

VPS hosting is most suitable for those sites, which are too big for a shared hosting plan and not big enough for a dedicated server. In terms of fees, VPS hosting is also much more affordable hosting than a dedicated server, so if you are on a budget, this is something to consider when you are looking for a web hosting plan for your site.


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