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As a designer of any software the user interface is one prime aspect that pays vital role in your product reaching out to maximum. That’s because it marks the first impression of your work and helps the user to navigate with ease consuming his less time to get accustomed to the new features. Imagine landing on a site with only text and no pictures, boring isn’t it? Quite rightly said that pictures are sometimes worth a thousand words and for a developer they add more interest and user friendliness to the software. Serving these very needs are the readily available icons that bring life and more easiness into your product.

So satisfying your requirement of icons and images to make your site , software and applications more appealing and user friendly is one amazing site the Icons Land, that brings from its designers fabulous icons that are worth a try. The Icons Land is a very simple and easy to access website owned by a design firm that offers stylish sets of ready-made icons that can be used to represent items of modern hardware, multimedia devices, transports, sports, places, toolbars and emoticons.

The site brings these icons in two formats, vector and raster. The Vector iconsare provided in Adobe Illustrator format thus giving you the liberty to size them according to your need. That’s a pretty cool option that sometimes becomes a headache with the other icons available on the web. The Raster Icons on the other hand are provided in PNG format in seven sizes that range from 24×24 to 256×256. These icons can be used anywhere whether for a site, GUI for software, a presentations, splash screen and even for the printing materials. Lets check out a few out of their catalog.

Base Software Icons:

These icons are quite often used in many softwares and web applications. The list contains 112 kinds of icons with swooping 608 variations, definitely a big pool of options to choose from. The icons can be used for toolbars, menus, status bars, links and so on.

Hardware Icons:

These icons present a set of 74 different electronic hardwares that include computers, mobiles, laptops, different drives, softwares, iPhone, iPads, printers, network equipments and so on with a total of 154 variatons.

Multimedia icons:

The media centric application developers as well the mobile application or multimedia websites have just the perfect assortment of 58 unique icons with their 508 variations to pounce on, bought together by the talented designers. From play, stop, pause to zoom, sound spectrum and cameras scanners and so on, you name it and have it.

Sport Icons:

Designing a gaming site or a news site covering the latest sports events, these icons will serve you best. From outdoor to indoor games, water to ice sports, gymnastic to ping-pong, these really stylish 56 icons will be of great use to you.

Transport Icons:

  • View the icon pack Transport Icons
  • GIS/GPS/Map Icons:

    The various icons can be used in mapping, GPS tracking, construction, GIS applications, portable devices and icons like traffic lights, road signs, satellites and so on. There are total of 116 icons and their 310 variations.

    Weather Icons:

    Make your weather forecast all the more interesting with the really cool images of sun, clouds, lightening, snow and more. Weather Icons can be widely used on maps, weather broadcast sites, on tourism and recreation-related sites, when describing current and foreseen weather conditions.

    Well the list does not end here. There are icons for arrows, pointing areas of interest on maps and cute smiley icons to picture your emotions, moods, ratings and status. They are designed in modern Vista Style and are three-dimensional (3D). The icons are available from the site at some fixed price for the different formats that include $5 each for the PNG and $15 for the vector. Their Royalty-free license allows distributing icons incorporated into design to indefinite number of clients in all the projects. They also provide a Custom Design Service to design the icons the way you want.

    The feedback from their customers in the testimonial block does provide a good insight into their business relations and quality of service. But who posts the negative remarks anyway. Also the price tag that comes with these icons may be a little backdrop for the site with numerous free options already available. But for those who value quality more than money, the site is definitely one amazing source to turn their sites and softwares more glossy and striking, attracting more customers and keeping the existing ones satisfied. Personally recommended but you may see its for yourself.


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