Inspiration for webdesigner

Wawa Coffee Topia

Usually I dislike the full flash websites, but today I must say this website is really nice, and I don’t say it because I’m a coffee addict :p I cannot say anymore, I invite you to visit it, and don’t miss the animation to custom your coffee!

Cool Brush Design

You can know that I generaly love the design marketplace on Internet (brush, vector, template etc.) but with this website I have been suprised by the quality of the design (not by the products), especially by the left part of the website, it looks like an online game… really nice, good job!

Team Fanny Pack / Silly Poems

I’m not really a fan of the illustrations of this website but I’m a completely captivated by the vetical sliding navigation; the colours and the big typos used in this webdesign are good and beautiful, and the footer is juste perfect!

James Lai Creative

A perfect portfolio, with only one page you can imagine who James Lai is, what is his job, what is his contact information and already his references! I can telling you that this grunge design is really cool, Hey if you read that James : “you are a really good and talented webdesigner, good job!”.

Eye Bridge

I find this website nice but not incredible, except the top of the menu, I find it really original and cool, especially the light on the right. It’s just magic when your mouse is hover on the light turn on :)

Diamond HTML

What I prefer on this webdesign are the three icons on the homepage and the two big high quality icons on the right, the rest is just a bit ordinary, except the order form which I find it really good and well thinked!

Team Fanny Pack

Usually I dislike the websites which try to look like a newspaper because I think that a website is a website and not a newspaper, but I must say that this website (even I don”t like it) is really cool, and the design is really beautiful, good job ;)


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