Inspiration for webdesigner

Virtual Sky Studio

I find this webdesign very beautiful escpecially the header, have you seen ? there is a different icon (on the header) on each page! Good job ;)


I don’t find this webdesign impressive, but it’s really a good idea to make all the webdesign around an illustrated background.


Perhaps too much but look at this colorful header? I love it!


I like this kind of website, firstly because it uses a really lovely blue coulor but mostly because when you enter on this website you take 2 seconds know that is about, and this is a crucial quality for a successful webdesign.

Mc Clanahan Studio

I don’t know how but when I enter into this website I get a good feeling, thanks to this excellent layout (surely), I also can notice the great movie located on the home page and the details on the footer, and to finish don’t miss the Twitter and RSS icons on the bottom ;)

AM Studios

Professionnal, clean and corporate, I cannot say you more. It’s a really a perfect website, the header is really perfect and the footer too… good job!

Apps Templates

A website really easy to use, good design, good colours… yes I love that, especially the style on the button “Unlimited acess for…”!


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