5 Places to sell your website online


If you have web sites lying around why don’t you try selling websites for profit to make money online. There are several places where you can sell your website for profit, and we will go over some of the most popular sites. These include the following: Flippa.com, Digitalpoint forums, Sedo.com, Dealasite and the Experienced People Forum.

Flippa.com: Is a site that allows you to put your sites up for bid in a auction format. You would set up a account, log in and then put your sites up for bid, including a reserve price (the minimum you would accept) and optionally a Buy It Now (BIN) price. The strength of this site is that it is easy to set up sites for a auction bid. The downside is some people say the fees are higher than other locations so it may not be your first choice in selling your website.

Digitalpoint forums: Is a freewheeling forum where you can sell your website, products and just about anything else. As opposed to Flippa which is organized more for the beginner at websales, Digitalpoint forums are more of the open market approach where individuals should be familiar with how to sell a website before attempting it here. Also when using the forums be on guard for people who “game” the system or might be out to con you. You can get some good deals but remember if it seems to good to be true it probably isn’t.

Sedo: who is know for parking pages also offers domain auctions similar to Flippa. You can list your sites, set a Buy it Now (BIN) price and then put it up for auction. If you get a winning bid then you pay ten percent of your earnings to Sedo. The primary advantage of Sedo is that it has a long term positive reputation which lets it have currently a stronger base than Flippa for website sales. That may change though as Flippa becomes more popular.

Dealasite : This site follows the auction format that the above sites use but with one major difference. There are no fees to use Dealasite’s buyer or selling services. So if you need to pocket all the change from your site purchase this may be the site to try out. The only difficulty with this site is there is little information pro or con about its services.

Experienced People Forums :  This is a recent addition to my list but showing a lot of promise. It has its own selling section on the forum, but the more important point is that the owners of the forum are making it a accurate storehouse of information on how to buy/sell and trade domains. For a beginner or even a pro at site selling this site would be worth signing up for. They also have an interesting article on 101 ways to make money online

You can make money online from selling your website. These five sites will give you the locations to do so and resources. Good selling.


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