Web Site Success Metrics – Not Just Google Rankings

This is a great list of web site success metrics. Don’t just view the site by Google rankings, but actually review your analytics and check on the site’s overall “health” or lack thereof.

33 Website Success Metrics

Personally, I love now checking “Conversion Rankings” filter at Google Analytics. Although I think its misnamed, and should be called “Search Rankings Filter” or something snazzier, it’s a great tool to see real-time rankings and traffic that comes from Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Technically, its not tracking conversions as that would mean they have converted to a sale or inquiry, but anyways, it rocks.

With the filter applied, you can see that 100 people last month came to our site from the search “law firm logos” and 200 for “Ask.com Removal” or related searches. Pretty interesting data and even better you can see that they all basically came from Page 1 of the search (sorry page 2, 3 and more – you get no love).

Anyways, check on how to apply these filters here – Search Ranking Filters

Read up on the above analytics measurements so that you can avoid just looking at rankings.

Editors Note:  Sorry for the wrong link initially.  It’s now updated.


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