Top 20 Most Important Names in Web Design Going into 2010

There are tons of great, standout web designers and design studios in the world, but at the top there are a select few who stand out from the rest.  Their passion, immense creativity, determination and attention to detail make them shine as true leaders of the field.   I have compiled what I think is the top 20 collection of the leading names in web design today whose impact is difficult to measure.


One of the top agencies with a unique and interesting website.  Their portfolio is top notch and world class.  In a world of Flash gone wrong, theirs is an example of perfect execution.

AgencyNet – Most Important Names in Web Design

Jason Santa Maria

JASON SANTA MARIA is consistently recognized for his style of design and great imagination in web interfaces that maintain a balance of usability and effective content presentation. Award winning is an understatement.

Jason Santa Maria – Most Important Names in Web Design

Vitaly Friedman and Smashing Magazine

Vitaly Friedman helped to create Smashing Magazine, one of the most popular web design blog in existence.  Some of its unbelievable statistics include – 130,000 RSS Subscribers and over 80,000 followers on Twitter.  It is a one stop shop for inspiration, tutorials and vital info on design. He is a true leader and source of inspiration in the field.

Vitaly Friedman/Smashing Magazine – Most Important Names in Web Design

Juxt Interactive

Long standing and highly respected, Juxt Interactive has an extensive portfolio of high caliber clients.  Their design is constantly on the cutting edge

Juxt Interactive – Most Important Names in Web Design

Domani Studios

Digital Agency in Brooklyn with huge portfolio.  Has designed and developed for major companies including Jose Cuervo and Doritos.

Domani Studios – Most Important Names in Web Design

Dan Cederholm

Founder of Simple Bits Studio, Dan is involved in many projects in the design field and has written several books on the subject as well.

Dan Cederhold – Most Important Names in Web Design

Larissa Meek

Larissa is  Associate Creative Director at AgencyNet as well as a Miss USA finalist, model, actress and reality TV star. Quite the resume

Larissa Meek – Most Important Names in Web Design

Veerle Pieters

Veerle has been a prolific freelance designer since the early 90s and as CEO of Duoh! Accomlplished, experienced and talented she says that her “dream is to have a small contribution in making the web a better place” .

Veelre Pieters

Avenue A-Razorfish

Winner of countless agency awards, Avenuea Razorfish is one of the world’s largest interactive agencies and is an operating unit of Seattle-based aQuantive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft.  It’s client list reads like a who’s who.

Avenue A- Razorfish – Most Important Names in Web Design

45Royale inc.

Happily described as a small, boutique studio is now considered as one of the most cutting edge in the U.S.

45 Royale Inc – Most Important Names in Web Design

Fabio Sasso

Fabio is co-founder of design studio, 3YZ and runs the tutorial site, a blog recording his ventures through the design world. This is quickly becoming one of the most inspiring design sites on the internet, where you can find a library’s worth of hands-on tutorials.

Fabio Sasso – Most Important Names in Web Design

Brendan Dawes

Brendan is creative director for mN, an interactive design company based in Manchester, UK.  I first became familiar with him during the New Masters of Flash series.

Brendan Dawes – Most Important Names in Web Design

Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain/31Three

Considered to be one of the top and most sought after web designers in the world.  He is a one many powerhouse of design and usability.

Jesse Bennett – Chamberlain – Most Important Names in Web Design

Mike Precious

Ontario Canada based multimedia designer has a rapidly growing international client base that consists of web developers, advertising agencies, design studios and publication companies.

Mike Precious – Most Important Names in Web Design

Collis Taeed/Tuts+

Collis is the founder and creator of the mini empire known as Envato.   Today, Envato network is one of the biggest creative communities with over 21 subunits catering to just about every design and development sector.

Collis Ta’eed/Tuts+ – Most Important Names in Web Design

Anatoly Zenkov

The tagline on his website tells the whole story – “I can do it all”.  Anatoly is a multimedia designer and programmer in Russia with an impressive client list.

Anatoly Zenkov – Most Important Names in Web Design


David Leggett started the amazing web design blog tutorial9 and developed it into one of the premier destinations for easy to understand and thorough tutorials.  He teaches people just about everything they want or need to know about photoshop and design.

Tutorial9 – Most Important Names in Web Design

Douglas Bowman

Douglas Bowman is a highly successful and established designer who is at the forefront of forward-thinking web design.  After leaving Wired Magazine in 2002, he founded Stopdesign, a small design firm based in San Francisco. After working with high profile clients at StopDesign he moved to Google  and then In 2009, he joined Twitter as Creative Director.

Douglas Bowman – Most Important Names in Web Design

Jonathan Snook

From front-end work to hardcore server-side challenges, Jonathan shares tips, tricks and bookmarks

Jonathan Snook – Most Important Names in Web Design

Critical Mass

Canadian Interactive Marketing agency with a true global reach.  They are viewed as a “boutique” agency which only works with larger organizations.  Critical Mass is recognized as a leader by Forrester Research.

Critical Mass – Most Important Names in Web Design


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