Canvas Texture Imitation

Canvas Texture Imitation

One more interesting tutorial how to create canvas texture imitation from the photography. Here I’ll show you the method how to simulate the maximum texture of canvas.

Before starting this tutorial you should find the suitable photography to work with. You can try to find it by using Google Images or feel free to use mine. Open up the photography and duplicate layer with Ctrl+J at first. After that desaturate copied layer with Image > Adjustments > Desaturate and set up opacity to 70%.

Merge two of these layers in one and apply Filter > Noise > Add Noise to the new layer.

Canvas Texture Imitation 02

The result should be next:

Canvas Texture Imitation 03

After that apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with next presets:

Canvas Texture Imitation 04

Hope, your result looks the same as mine on the picture below:

Canvas Texture Imitation 05

Ok, move to the next step. On this step you should stylize the photography a little bit with Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen by using following presets:

Canvas Texture Imitation 06

See the difference below:

Canvas Texture Imitation 07

Ok, now create a new layer and fill it with black color. Then Filter > Noise > Add Noise to add the noise a little bit on this layer.

Canvas Texture Imitation 08

Then mess with the layer mode & opacity/fill. I tried Screen with opacity of 50%.

Canvas Texture Imitation 09

Now, duplicate noise layer with Ctrl+J and hide the copy (click on the eye, which indicates layer visibility). Go to lower layer and apply Filter > Blur > Motion Blur with next parameters:

Canvas Texture Imitation 10

Your effect should be the next:

Canvas Texture Imitation 11

Now, apply Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen to this layer two times.

Canvas Texture Imitation 12

After that go back to the hidden copy of layer and make it visible again. Apply Filter > Blur > Motion Blur with following parameters:

Canvas Texture Imitation 13

See the difference now?

Canvas Texture Imitation 14

Ok, now apply Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen two times for this layer also.

Canvas Texture Imitation 15

Then adjust brightness and contrast a little bit with Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. Use next parameters:

Canvas Texture Imitation 16

Your picture should look the same as mine:

Canvas Texture Imitation 17

And the last one thing that we need to do before finishing this tutorial to increase the sharpness withFilter > Sharpen > Sharpen:

Canvas Texture Imitation 18

On this step we are done. The final picture has nice canvas texture imitation effect isn’t it?

Canvas Texture Imitation 19



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