7 of the best places to find Photoshop tutorials!

On this lovely Monday I will take the time to show you guys a few of my absolute favorite places to go browse for the best Photoshop tutorials. If you are a beginner or more advanced user, I can guarantee that you will find something interesting either way.
Photoshop turning 20years(!!) in two days from now, I will share several Photoshop goodies with you the next days to celebrate. And the first post doing just that, is this one. Check out these awesome websites to get practising your skills today! :)

Theres no way I can make a post like this without mentioning this website ;) With a huge amount of existing tutorials and several new ones added regularly you will find a lot of gems here. There are also tips and pointers to various free resources too. A must see website for everyone who wants to get better at Photoshop or just need some input.

Photoplus tutorials
On this site you will find 300+ step by step tutorials that are easy to follow. Most of the can be followed even if you are no expert, which I think is awesome :) New ones added regularly.

This site has some awesome tutorials aswell. I especially like how they are in different categories, making it easier to find what you may be looking for.
There are also some good photography tutorials here, aswell as links to various freebies and other resources, very nice!

This website is dedicated entirely to Photoshop tutorials, inspiration, freebies and news. Whatever you look for, theres a good chance you can find it here!

This site has alot of really cool looking tutorials aswell as freebies and inspiration. These are also put into different categories, making it way better to browse for what you want. Very good site!

Illustrated designs
With over 900 posts filed under Photoshop you sure can find tutorials for your every need here. Nice choice of categories aswell!

These guys have many great tutorials for not only Photoshop but the entire Adobe Creative Suite. And several tutorials where they use several Creative Suite products togheter (like photoshop and illustrator) which is just great. The quality of the tutorials is flawless. These guys are no doubt among the best out there.


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