Using Flash cu3er tutorial has created a free Flash tool to create 3D slideshows of images.
This tool is Flash cu3er.

This article explains how to set and use Flash to create cu3er header or slideshow of pictures in Flash.

First of all, download cu3er at the following address:

Unzip the ZIP.
We get a folder “images”, folder “js” and files config.xml, cu3er.swf and demo.htm.
What concerns us is the folder “images” and the config.xml file.
We can embed the SWF file in our HTML page.

We also have 5 images in the folder “images”. We can change the pictures with another 5 or more pictures (even less) of our choice (best if they are all equal in size).
The size of the sample images are 600×300.
Suppose that we are in 576×216, then we must also remember to assign these dimensions to the HTML code that will place our cu3er.swf.
So, for example, I open the file demo.htm with a file editor and change the size of SWF to the following line:

swfobject.embedSWF("cu3er.swf", "cu3er-container", "576", "216", "9", "expressInstall.swf", flashvars, attributes);

and the width of the div that contains the swf to the following line

#cu3er-container {width:576px; outline:0;}

All other options are easily configurable by the config.xml file.
You can find extensive documentation at the following address:


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