Diference between CSS2 and CSS3

Many exciting new functions and features are being lined up for CSS3. I have showcase some of them on this post.

Here they are:


* border-color
* border-image
* border-radius
* box-shadow


* background-origin and background-clip
* background-size
* multiple backgrounds


* HSL colors
* HSLA colors
* opacity
* RGBA colors

Text effects

* text-shadow
* text-overflow
* word-wrap


* box-sizing
* resize
* outline
* nav-top, nav-right, nav-bottom, nav-left


* attribute selectors

Basic box model

* overflow-x, overflow-y

Generated Content

* content

Other modules

* media queries
* multi-column layout
* Web fonts
* speech

Courtesy by: http://tutorialfeed.blogspot.com


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