What Would Web 3.0 Look Like?

web 3.0The hottest topic for all geeks around the globe is just talking about technology. They are always excited in their own persona. When it comes to Web 3.0, experts have distributed predictions for its structure.

Today I am going to present my image of Web 3.0 which is entirely dependent on technical updates from magazines and Videocasts and Podcasts.

  • Personal Desktop:
    firefox ie delicious opera
    You know what? You have tasted this feature! Opera, Google Chrome , del.icio.us, Firefox, which offers you to save your bookmarks and tags independent of browser. It offers space for personal browser data or other private data any where in this world where you want it. You just need to login to your account at the same browser.

Remote Control:
remote control
Yes you can control your PC from distance about thousand miles or even more by just using internet. It is just like Windows Remote desktop control. There will be much more services like Logmein in Web 3.0 which will offer remote control of your computer for free.

One step ahead of these, there are websites like 4shared, which is part of Webspaces. It offers you virtual directory of 5GB space which can be increased to multiple times by adopting some money based membership plans. Also it offers access to other member’s directories if they have made them public.

As there is 4G ready to knock your door, Internet is not just limited to computers but to your mobiles , portable audio/video players , navigators and very new other devices like PDF readers. 4G means bigger bandwidth so now there is no limit of functionality for 4G devices. It is said that some 4G devices are being tested for GigaBytes of bandwidth.

Semantic Web:
semantic web
I have read a post on Precise search but Semantic Web Technologyis going to change your search results. Semantic Web is based on some very new web standard like RDF which can be very purposefully analyzed by Web spiders or search engines to refine your queries. Semantic Web is one of the hottest contemporary topic. There are many researchers doing analysis on data mining to better organize and allocate data.

So it wouldn’t be astonishing if you make query like this in future: “Give me best website for online gift buying shops and then tell me the most suitable location around California to go for trekking.” How it is possible? Let me tell you how! Very new sophisticated formats of semantic web like RDF divides query into subjects, predicates and objects which are analyzed and processed by very smart web sources.

Smarter Hardware:
smarter hardware
Our hardware is getting smarter. Intel has come with Core i7 and AMDhas announced Shanghai project in Opteron series. In monitorsOLED(Organic LED) is future with next to real picture quality. NewPHYX cards for graphics. Virtual reality is something which would be part of not only gaming and research simulation but also for training purposes.

Surface PC:
surface pc
With Bill Gate’s new ambition of having every desktop as PC retail is now directly connected to Web. You will be provided with smart cards which will contain your personal settings and informationcapable of loading any where, on street shops having Surface PC.You can Plug and Play, wire free with your fingers only.

Internet Radio:
internet radio
This will be the audio streaming major in Web 3.0 with having digital quality sound and playing thousands of radio stations.

There are innumerable number of features that is going to be embedded in Web 3.0. But some of them be speculative too.
I guess I have acquainted you with .1 % of what Web 3.0 will have.

Courtesy by:  http://www.tutzone.org/


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